Do YOU speak danish?

Hej, jeg hedder Aleksandra, og jeg bor i Aalborg. Jeg kommer fra Polen.

Don't worry. This post is not going to be in danish, although it would be a great practice for me! 
I am getting many questions regarding danish and possibilities for international students to learn a new language. First of all - I must admit - It was very irresponsible of me, not to take courses right away when I came to Denmark. But - everything looked so easy - everyone in Denmark speaks english and I thought - well, I am coming here just for the studies. I do not need it! Well, I guess I needed to understand my mistake after 1,5 year when I decided that I actually would like to stay in Denmark.  And I am very sorry guys - but without danish you will not be able to find any promising job in here. (Unless you are very skilled and experienced already, to be an expetriate in Denmark)
When you are coming to Denmark as a student at UCN - you automatically have a residence permission and a CPR number (how to get it - read HERE ) - what allows you to start learning danish for FREE in a period of 3 years while you registered yourself in a 'Sprog center.' Of course there are also possibilities in a private schools, but you need to pay for it. Sprog Center is a public institution, what means that municipality of Aalborg pays for you. (hoping that one day you will work in a danish company) :)
Here you can see a video prepared by Sprogcenter in Aalborg (that is their Webpage, so you can check it out for more info) They have also account on youtube, where you can see much more videos how the classes look like and what is a system of learning - HERE ) 

Learning a language is not only about advantage in your CV but also the acceptance and assimilation to the danish culture! If you do not want to learn danish you will not be able to experience Danish Hygge or simply talk to the older generation of Danes, who do not speak danish (I have a neighbour of this example and I NEED to understand some danish in order to help her or simply listen to her when she needs that)
I also asked some of my friends to share their opinion why is it important to learn danish. I hope you enjoy and get more motivated into the learning process.
Vytaute Kazlauskaite, Lithuania , 21 // UCN Aalborg
 "On my own experience I can tell that learning danish is one of the most importants things while studying in Denmark, although not all students do that and survive just fine. First of all, it is importants while looking for a job. It is much easier to get a job when you speak at least a bit Danish, or you want to get a  better paid job. Second, although almost all Danes speak english, logically it is easier to become a part of society if you can speak the local language. Third, learning a foreign language is always good for you, especially a Scandinavian one!"

Elisabeta Milaj, Albania, 21 // UCN Aalborg
"So, why I chose to study the language is because it is a minimum respect that I can show to the locals. I live here, I work in their places, I get the same education like they do and I am planning to stay here a longer period of my life. By learning a local language you can show your respect to the culture and the country you live in. In the other hand I should also mention that it helps a lot for the future job seeking plans, and also to talk to Danes in their own language after a while. Also mentioning that danish is not a known language all over the world, so speaking a language of a small country, outs your CV in priority of a job application for example (no matter Denmark or abroad)"
Most of the students choose learning danish in the evenings (in the mornings we have classes). The course is 2 days in a week, starting from 17:00 to 19:30 (15 minutes break). The classes are from 8 to 15 people so there is lots of focus on the studens and the teachers are trying to speak only in danish - what is great - because you can here the real accent and learn from listening. In the language center there is a library and you can always borrow some books, movies or an online courses! 
Finishing up, I would like to add that they teach very well, after 1 month of leraning you are able to communicate on a daily basis. I even know a girl who after 2,5 years of studying in Sprog center Aalborg is at a master programme in danish!
If you want to get to know danish a bit, before starting the school - here is an easy online course - I must say - very helpful! Check it here

Do not forget to comment below and let me know what do YOU think of learning danish language?! Did you try already? Are you planning to? 

- Aleksandra


Anonymous said...

Dear Aleksandra. I am actually in Denmark for the 3rd year and i all i have to say is to lear danish languadge by listening conversations in the street, make danish fiends and try hard. I know you and i know that your hard yourk made you speak so good danish now :)

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