About UCN

Insight and Involvement

At UCN we wish to create an attractive and democratic institution and workplace. Through insight and involvement all employees and students contribute towards this goal, and the effort of each single individual is acknowledged and respected no matter field, subject or function.

We actively search for the challenges of the future and we meet them with openness, dialogue, innovative thinking and by developing the competences of faculty and students. We invest in each other and develop together.

At UCN we appreciate a high level of information, transparency in decisions, clear procedures and a dynamic organisation producing quality results in new or existing environments.

University College of Northern Denmark is a good place to be and a good place to learn. Togetherness is in focus while we create a good academic environment and a place to work and to learn.

Value of Programmes

At UCN we encourage insight, professionalism and future orientation in our tuning of health, education, technological and business education programmes. Close cooperation with private and public firms and organisations, stakeholders and users plus all regional, national and international partners comes natural to us.

Knowledge that Works

At University College of Northern Denmark we generate applied knowledge for use in practice.

We see it as our special responsibility to develop applied programmes for the health, education and business/technology sectors by creating innovative and interactive patterns for practice, education and research.

We are actively responsible for what happens in the world around us.


Outward Bound Attitudes

At UCN we bring knowledge and competences to good use through open and positive interaction with regional, national and international networks. This we do to benefit our portfolio of programmes and to assist the development of Northern Denmark.

UCN Mission

UCN will be a primary provider of basic higher and further education for the regional stakeholders and employers in the form of health, education, technology and business programmes at academy and bachelor levels. UCN has a role as a regional knowledge centre, and in selected fields we also provide development and education on a national basis. Working for society as a whole we at UCN contribute to Denmark’s welfare, wellness, wealth and democratic and cultural development.

UCN Vision

At University College of Northern Denmark we see it as our vision to ensure consistent high professional quality, to ensure the higher and further education for more people in Northern Denmark, and to continue our activities as a development-oriented institution.

We at UCN want cooperation and good relations with Danish and foreign institutions of higher learning and research, with our North Jutland enterprise stakeholders and with practitioners in health and education.