Acommodation Part 2

Good Evening and Good Morning!

First of all I am sorry it is just now when I am writing this second part of finding apartment story. Hope you had nice and relaxing weekend though! ;>

I would like to thank you all for sharing the website - my friends, the agents and other readers. I am getting lots of questions which are my inspiration to the next blog post. Keep it on and do not hesitate to write me EMAILS or just COMMENT under!

So continuing with the story about accommodation in Denmark..

As I mentioned in my previous blog post I decided to look for an apartment after summer. 
When I came back from my 4 months internship in Malta to Denmark, I did not have any place to stay. Luckily my friend Anna and her parents offered me to stay with them. (Thank you so much once again!!)

Even though I was living 20 km away from Aalborg - in Kongerslev - I was looking for an apartment every day. It was really hard period of time since I wanted to find something as soon as possible, but as you can imagine - women have special demands.. How did I know where to look? Well, actually I didn't, but my friend told me about one website which offers different houses/ apartments for rent and it work as a forum of searchers and land lords. I bought an account there which costed me around 350 DKK but it was really worth it. If you are going to look for an apartment this is THE WEBSITE. Now I know that UCN ambassadors of acommodation can help you with the account there. 

When I noticed one flat in this portal I thought to myself - this is the one! I called on the number given, and turned out it was agency that is cooperating with Bolig Portal. We scheduled a meeting. I got keys to the apartment in order to look around. I remember when I came there - the apartment did not look like my perfect one! It was all messy, lots of shoes and newspapers on the floor, letters from the banks and old pictures. I thought to myself - OK. Someone was kidnapped here. I came to the other room and I heard it! I heard beautiful noise of cars and people behind the window. I run to the 4th floor window and saw all the small buildings in the center of Aalborg, beautiful Limfjord Bridge and all fashionable people walking down the street.

Lindholm Bryggen at night
I came back to the lady in the agency and I was ready to sign the contract but she told me that I have to wait till they clean everything. I was in such a big rush that I did not agree for that, we had agreement that I will clean everything and I will live in the apartment one week for free. OK - no problem with that:) This is over 1,5 year already when I am living here! :)

When your looking for a flat here you should remember 3 things that I was really surprised about :
  1. Emptiness
  2. Deposit
  3. One room per one person
First thing is the emptiness. I was really surprised that this is so normal here, that every apartment is unfurnished (Besides the kitchen). You come in and what you see, is the white walls and unfurnished flat. Unless you see shoes and newspaper of an ex person who lived there.
Maybe it is quite normal for all of you but when you rent the flat in Poland you have it all inclusive :) That is why it was wow effect for me because I felt like in hospital - white walls an nothing inside. In Poland you pay small deposit - but for the things that can be broken.

In Denmark they obviously think that I can break walls or the floor. The thing that really surprised me, was the amount of money put into the deposit - you pay the rent * 3 months. So when my apartment costs 4600 DKK per month I paid the rent for november + (4600*3)= 13800, so all together it was over 18000 DKK.  And imagine then to buy all the furniture.. (I remember I was sleeping on the mattress one month!) But you can also find lots of things on the street! And it is western country - so they look brand new!
Because of the big deposit it is good to live in dormitory  (deposit is much smaller) or to live with someone else, BUT :

It is a rule in Denmark that when you rent an apartment and when it has 2 rooms - you should just live in 2 people. Number of room equals number of people living in the apartment. Otherwise if you try to "cheat" and live in 3-room apartment in 6 people and you are all registered under this address on a post office or in danish kommune , they might kick you out and give you a fee! And trust me - they know everything ;)

As an example of a girl who is studying hard and working to get a good life in Aalborg, I can set Mirella Manyi who achieved everything what you are going to see in this video with her own input.

Here is also video made by multimedia design students from our school about studying and living in Aalborg, you should definetely check it out!


Have a nice day watching the videos and wait fot the blog post about UCN Sports Cup!


Ps. If you are thinking of Hospitality and tourism management programme here is the UCN blog especially for you. You can clik HERE and know some more about the programme and people studying it - in danish and in english, enjoy !


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