About Aalborg

The regional capital of northern Jutland is Aalborg. With over 200,000 inhabitants, it is the third largest city in Denmark. Aalborg has developed from being dominated by the large industries of the past to being dominated by art, culture, music, shopping, a wide range of arrangements, Danish 'hygge' (cosiness) and charm. UCN has seven locations in Aalborg.

Feel good city

The city is a “feel good” city where the contrasts make student life interesting. On the one hand, it is dynamic, up-to-date and international, on the other hand it is an ancient Danish provincial capital, which has always cherished its own history and unique atmosphere.

The city is buzzing with activity day and night, summer and winter. It offers a very rich and rewarding student life and the atmosphere is informal and friendly.

There are many green spaces in the city with beautiful nature and great opportunities for a picnic. Last but not least, Aalborg is divided by the beautiful fjord, the Limfjorden.

Although Aalborg is a lively city with lots of activities, it is nevertheless a safe very city to live in.

(http://www.ucnorth.dk/Home/Facilities-Services/Where_is_UCN/About_Aalborg.aspx) more info there as well