Acommodation Part 1

I hope you have had a nice week. 

Many of you is preparing to come to Aalborg in September this year, and you are sending me questions about the accommodation and my experience with that. I decided to create blog post, clearing that up, so it is available for everyone.  Hopefully you get a nice weekend reading that.

When I first came to Aalborg (remember that very well – it was 24.08.2009) I was also concerned about the accommodation.  I did not look for anything while being in Poland (that was my mistake) and I arrived here without any flat, just with three suitcases of clothes, toiletries and food (yes, food :) ).  That time UCN had many students coming up, so it was impossible to find apartments or place in dormitories for all of them. They informed me that I will stay in Danhostel ( the same place as we developed concept for them (read post below), but it was not a room in a hostel. It was in a camp house with 5 other people inside (see pictures below).First I thought to myself – Oh My God. Where I am? Why I came to Denmark? What I am supposed to do in a middle of nowhere without any privacy? Do I really not have any fridge to keep my ham and cheeses from Poland?

Camp House I was living in

After my one-day breakdown I met other 50 students who were dealing with the same problem. We decided that it is just waste of time to complain and we started to get to know each other, organize some parties and feel like there were holidays with great friends. These holidays lasted almost 2 months! School of course helped us with payments – we paid half of the price for staying there. 

Bathroom in my room

Meanwhile when we were living in Danhostel, there was one dormitory which was finishing constructions to host us. Some of the students came back to their home countries - it was too much for them I guess, some of them found apartments and I moved in to UC House. The dormitory was fresh, and very luxury I would say. I just know dormitories in Poland which are dirty and just used for parties. Most rooms have the size of 20 m2 and have private toilets. Prices range from DKK 1850 to DKK 2450 for a single room and DKK 1325 to DKK 1525 per person for two people in a shared room. There is installed a fridge in all rooms. We had also very big living room with a large and flat TV screen and sofas. There was also nice terrace where you can go out and sunbathe in the summer on a really nice grass. All rooms have beds, desk (1 for one person), chairs and internet connection. 

Came back do dormitory after Christmas break- lots of food!

Room - table and red shelfs bought in IKEA
I really liked it in the beginning but one thing, which was the biggest issue for me was common kitchen for around 5-10 rooms. As you can imagine not everyone keep it tidy. Owner of the dormitory hired some students to help with cleaning or some reparations once ot twice in a week, which was really helpful move. 

Since I love to cook and I love to spend my free time preparing something delicious, that was my motivation to move out before summer and have my own kitchen. When I came back, I decided to look for an apartment.

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PS. Cirque de Glace - Coming this week to Aalborg! International Russian stars with the great ice-circus, in a thrilling and breathtaking show! Prices starts from 260 DKK but as a student in Denmark you can get the tickets for 120 DKK on the day of the show! Just hurry up - these discounts are limited!

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