Radical New Thinking Camp

If you think that in UCN we have lectures just in the classrooms you are very wrong! Since I am studying International Hospitality Management I can tell you about my trip, but there is much more going on in the other programmes! 
On Monday 6th of February our school took us to Seaby, city 50km away from Aalborg. We stayed there 2 days, but it was not a trip to have fun, we were all studying there. The supervisors Lone Moller Wejrum (teacher of economics) and Helle Hvass Markusen (coordinator of my specialisation) took our phones away and told us, that we are not supposed to have any breaks, because we distract ourselves and others in innovative thinking. (Now I know they were right!) They separated us in 10 teams and we had to develop marketing actions for an organisation that has over 90 hostels around whole Denmark. The company’s owners were there to keep us on track, answer our questions, but we did not know anything about their website or actions. 

The camp was called Radical New thinking, but what it is? Radical New Thinking is a research-based method to develop the products, processes, and market structures of the future through innovative thinking. Our goal was to develop internal (5groups) and external (5groups) marketing actions in a new, radical and creative way. We were studying the whole Monday, even at night till 3 am and then we  woke up at 7 to start handling the project again. Tuesday afternoon we had to present our results to the judges – the same owners of the company mentioned before.


My group did not win (although I think it should!  hahaha) but we had lots of fun during the camp. You can check the video below.

Break for a picture of 3 groups
I think Radical New thinking camp was the best idea, that UCN created for the students. It allowed international students to construct new friendships and connections, through learning activities and also fun. It was all about creativity and opening our minds for better and greater ideas. It certainly helped me to get more experience in the field of marketing and hospitality management which I can use in my future career. The camp helped me to look on my life with different eyes, thank you UCN. :)
In the night we got really crazy..
Eating but also working process!
The winners group presenting their ideas

During the presentation
Ps. Remember of Friday 17th of February! We have UCN Sports Winter Cup – do not forget to sign up either for ice hockey, volleyball, basketball, football, zumba or yoga!:) There is going to be around 500 students of UCN! It is going to be a good day!! 

As promised - Enjoy short video:)

Have a good weekend !


Anonymous said...

Great covarage Alesandra! and nice pictures btw!

Peter Post said...

Nice job! you really captured the camp as it was!

Magdalena said...

I really like the way You explain things :) Like to read it

Anonymous said...

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