Party in the town!

Hope you had a good weekend! I guess you didn't miss me, since the last blog post was on friday, but honestly I am trying to do everything besides writing my project! (Hope my teachers don't read that!)
Actually I thought it's a great opportunity to show you a bit how the most popular street in Denmark - Jomfru Ane Gade - look like, so you are not surprised when going there :)

I think, this video is so promotional that speaks for itself of the awesomeness of this place,but I am going to write a bit more of my experiences with that street  and I am going to show you my video relation from yesterday's night.
Jomfru Ane Gade is the longest street with the bars, restaurants and discos along side in Denmark. It dates back til the 16th century and was used as a home for merchants. The first bar - Gaslight - was open in May in 1967. By 1970 there was 10 bars and 1992 they opened 16 new ones. Nowadays its over 30 and the amount of it is still getting higher. In the early 90's the street was a meeting and fighting place for the two biker gangs known in all Scandinavia,but after some years they left the street and the place became more and more popular for all ages people. During the day the street is open for those who wants to sit down and drink a nice coffe, or eat a lunch and during the evening,people are coming after work to sit and enjoy the atmosphere by listening to the music and eating the dinner. Around 24:00 the noise is getting all over the city since young people are ready for a party. Girls are coming to Jomfru Ane Gade full of makeup, short dresses and high, but comfortable heels. Boys are coming with the good mood, and of course - as danish ones - the fashion for them is as much of importance as for the girls.

Most of Danes and International students start a 'home parties', drinking alcohol together and enjoying the company but all of them are ready to hit the streets after 11 o'clock. 
Personally I don't enjoy Jomfru Ane Gade so much because I am more a 'homy' person , adoring the valuable time with my friends when we talk all night, drink a good wine and dance a bit to the funk and 80's music. I am going to Jomfru (the short form of it) maybe once in 5 months, when there is a party in my friends house and all of the people want to go. Being honest with you - there is lots of pubs but in all of them there is a 'radio style' music (Rihanna, Lady Gaga etc - I don't really see a difference) However I enjoy a lot a variety of people and variety of cultures in a different bars. There is unique style and design what makes my eyes really happy.

My favourite club is No.16 - its my favourite because my best friend is working there but also because its a highly selective one. You see high and masculine security men all over the place so you feel kind of safe. Also when you are coming there you its hard to take your eyes off from a  long and luxurius drink stand.

I think the best part in the street is that it is so loooong and fulled with bars which compete for the customers,so most of them is giving free drinks so sometimes people are just going around, gathering the cards and they can get drunk just after entering every other place. Ok. I was used to do that as well. (You can see that on the video from yesterday)

Some tips for you

-Go to the street around 24 or 1:00 - that time the street is full of people and you can really feel the atmosphere - I remember one evening in october - there was so many people that I was going from one side of the street to the other 10 minutes!
- Don't be scared of drunk people - there are lot of them but Aalborg is a very safe place and people won't hurt you, especially when they are drunk.
- Don't worry about the crowd of people that is always there - when you want to go to the other site of street - just go and don't care. Danes on Jomfru are always doing so - they touch you, step on your feet and don't even say sorry - do the same thing - but -just on jomfru!:)

Guys let me know if you would like to feel this atmosphere of party here! I am really interested what do you think about Jomfru! Leave your comments below!


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