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Today when I was doing little research for a blog post, I noticed a message written by one girl on official UCN facebook page. She asked how much does it cost to pay for water, electricity and internet. I made already a blog post about water and trying to save it here. Now I think it's time for electricity!
I am going to leave you with a mistakes that I made in the past and now I turned them into tips into saving more money on my bills.

I am living with my boyfriend in a 2 room apartment, 1 kitchen and one bathroom. Even though our bills for electricity are still very high. Sometimes we pay 1200 DKK for 3 months, sometimes 1400 DKK. Counting into that also rent,water, internet+tv and phone bills it can be very expensive. When I was noticing such a huge bills I invited very good friend of mine, a lady on a pension who is my neighbour. I showed her our bills and she was truely shocked. We started to go around the flat and she was showing me all the ways how to save some money on electricity bills. Some of them I added myself but you can totally trust them and believe me - its good to involve all your flatmates into saving on electricity - it can help our planet and your money.

1. The most important for all of us. Even though I am still forgetting doing that before going to sleep, I am trying to improve! Turning off the charging of our laptops, monitors, TV, radio and other divices.

2. Turning off the lights every time when we don't need them - sometimes candles can be cheaper alternative. AND summer in Denmark is coming - there is bright outside til 23:00 - just take off the curtains and enjoy natural light! Also remember to buy energy saving light bulbs - they are really helpful and last longer, you can buy them everywhere in Denmark really and try to find the lowest amount of Watt (something like 15 will be good enough)

3. The heater is using much more energy when windows are open! Turn off the heaters before opening a window!

4. Do not use the air conditioning. Ventilate your flat naturally! Just open the doors from the one site and the windows in the opposite one. By the way - the flat needs that at least 10 minutes every day to destroy all the bacterias and bring a nice and fresh air for our brains when studying!

5. Wash the clothes once in a 2-3 weeks when they are really dirty and the basket is full. Don't dry them in a machine, put them on a sun! ALSO you do not have to wash your sheets so often when you put them to the fresh air at least for a 2 hours every week.

6. When cooking, keep the lid on the pot - it will keep the meal warmer and save much more energy AND also remember that the size of the pot should match the size of the stove plate!

7. When baking or preparing something in the oven - don't open the small door too often. Every time you do that the temperature is going down 15 degrees.

8. Boil the water for a tea or coffee just as much for a cup as you need - it is going to be faster and the water will not be wasted.

9. I do that very often - eating in the night, or drinking water - I am too sleepy sometimes to notice that I didn't close the door of the fridge.

10. Great in the summer - shower in not so hot water and also remember to keep windows open - the bathroom will be fresh and there will be not so much mold after all.

I hope those little tips helped you a bit and now you are going to change your habits and also save some money for a student parties? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading that and it is going to be helpful for you. 
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Anonymous said...

Dear Aleksandra,

sorry to say this, but all those things you just said are quite normal that people do... Everyone that I know is leading that sort of life (those who live with their parents and alone). It has nothing to do with danish culture but just with being an adult. Nice blog entry but not really Denmark related.

Best wishes

Aleksandra Goisnka said...

Dear ..

Sorry to hear that, but I am trying to make that blog about everything - what goes with that - prepare young people to save their money on simple things. Actually when I attended some parties or simple lunch meeting at my international friends' homes I noticed so many mistakes and met so many unresponsible people that I decided to write about that because obviously not everyone got raised with awarness of our planet.

Best Regards


Anonymi said...

I do feel that this is entirely related to Denmark as well. This is good for us that come here to study, and in the same time are able to lear some new things, and develop our own maturity in Danmark. Thanks to this nice girl, i´ve leraned some things already. Nothing with tough..

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