CPR Number - Without it - you are lost in Denmark

Starting from a pharmacy, going through libraries and ending up in learning a language in Denmark. You need it almost for everything while studying in Aalborg. 

Many of you is asking me, if you can come to Denmark before the school starts. The truth is - of course you can, BUT you need to remember that during the first 5 days of your stay, you should go to the local civil registration office to ask for a CPR number. CPR, mainly known as a 'yellow card' is your 'MUST HAVE' personal identification number in Denmark. Everyone hava it, everyone use it. But in order to get it you need to have a residance permit - if you are coming to Denmark as an UCN student - you have it guranteed in the beginning of the school year - but now? I am not sure about it since the school is on vacation, so it will take lots of gymnastics to get the card earlier.

In Aalborg - you need to go to BorgerServiceCenter (Rantzausgade 6, 9000 Aalborg) it is the side street of the city center. Remember to take with you as much documents as you have - it is better to have more than less. But the most important is a passport or the ID card.
Sample card :)
If you would like to have a work in Denmark - you need to have a CPR number - what goes with that - having work - you need to have a danish bank account - to that you also need a CPR number. You need a card also for smaller things - like taking books from school or a city library or printing/copying/scanning documents at UCN or applying for any scholarship. You will also need the card to learn danish for free in the Sprogcenter or working out in the gym - very famous here - fitness world. But what is the most important - you have your insurance on this card - so it means that when you go to the doctor or to the hospital - you do not have to pay for the visit so I recommend you not to lose it!!:) 

Remember to always have your card with you! You never know when you will need it again!

Guys! That is it for today. I am sorry I had a little break from writing. Sometimes you need to take a vacation  to come back with the fresh brain! Let me know what you are doing in your summer holidays and if you are preparing already to come to Denmark :) 
See you soon!!



Susanne said...

Thanks for posting this! It was really helpful for me because I knew you need to have a yellow card in Denmark but I had no idea you were using it so frequently.. I thought it was like ID that you show only a few times in a lifetime :)

Aleksandra Goisnka said...

Hi Susanne! When I was coming to Denmark, I had no idea we have to make something like this. Knowing the system in Poland, it would take 2 months, but here, they sent it to me after one or two weeks:) I am using it very often, so keep it always close to you:) -A. :)

Juan Pablo Moya said...

great post. I am coming to dk, and I was told that i will receive that card. I didn´t imagine that it would be so important... thanks

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