Danish Hygge

I hope you had a really nice weekend! 
I do not know how it is in your countries right now, but in Denmark the weather can be very depressing these days.. Today, the sun was shining very nicely, so I decided to go to the city center, suddenly a BIG (I am telling you, BIG!) rain cought me and my new, summer dress became all wet, and the funniest part - when I got home, the sun was up again,without any rain.

Today, I would like to write about something that is strongly underlying in a danish culture. When I came to Denmark I had no idea it is such an important phenomenon and you can hear it endlessly, applied to many environments. Here I mean "Hygge", (pronounced as hewge) the word is very hard to describe and translete in any other languages, but can be easily illustrated in examples from a real life.

I thought it could be essential for you to know, when you are new in Denmark and plan to make new friends, Hygge may be helpful, since it is a fundation to the happy life of every Dane. 
It is told, that Hygge appeared during the grey and cold days, when  Scandinavians gathered around the fire place, drinking warm wine - nowadays it happens also in the winter time, especially during Christmas. But! Remember the film that I made about summer in Denmark?  It can also emerge as a Summer hygge :)

Yesterday I felt it very strongly, when one danish friend, visited me and my boyfriend. Hygge feeling, happens when you spend a good time with people that you care about the most. You appreciate every single moment and you forget about everything that could bother you. The atmosphere is very relaxing, without any false feelings. If I would have to find synonims to Hygge it would be - love, true friendship, coziness, warmth, although everyone can feel it differentely. 
For me it is the time when me and my bofriend are home, I light many candles, open a good, portugeese wine, cook a delicious dinner and after that, read a good book. Also it is the time like yesterday, spontanous visit by a friend and a long conversation just with a glass of water and small box of chocolate.

Here is a video for you what a true Danes think of hygge!:) Hope you enjoy!

Of course you can say, that it happens everywhere in the world, gathering the family together, to enjoy a good dinner for example, but I must tell you - it does not happen everywhere that it is so much appreciated. Danes get it very seriously and directely into their hearts, so try to do everything to make yourself comfortable here and get the Hygge feeling, every time when you are with the closest ones. :) 
I am attaching the article about hygge on Visit Denmark  and as alawys - let me know what you think of this phenomenon. :)


Michal Urbaniak said...

I had heard something about that hygge in denmark. I see that this is something really danish. In our country we are more outgoing and we really like to hang out in cofees and going out to festivals, to the beach and so on. I think that this is mostly due to weather conditions... But Aleksandra, is it easy to get along with this way of life, and this lifestyle?

Mr. Mimas said...

Danish Hygge is terribly cool! I started to have this danish lifestyle, and now, I am not able to change to my own culture habits. Once you´ll fall in it, you´ll not gonna want to get back. Cheers Aleksandra

Aleksandra Goisnka said...

Michal, I think it all depends from your adaptation skills to changing environment. I actually prefer to stay home and have this hygge feeling with the lights on. But when the weather is warmer, you can see many people trying to get as much sun as possible, lying in the parks or drinking coffees. :)

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