Løb for Kræft 2012

Hi everyone!
How was your weekend? I guess you are all overwhelmed with parties and events happening in Aalborg these days? I remember when  I came here.. I was really looking forward to the weekends, when I could meet some of my friends and have a good time. Nowadays I feel, I am kind of grandma. Chilling on the weekends home in my sweatpants. Not too interesting, is it?

This weekend, I put my pyjamas away and on saturday afternoon, I joined some of my friends, taking part in the event 'Løb for kræft 2012'. In the other words, it is a running marathon that supports children with cancer in Aalborg hospital. The tickets were 150 DKK but the money were spent on a good cause, to support the fight with cancer by running, or simply walking 6km distance. You can check the website here for more information :)
As I was writing in the previous posts, Danes love sport. And they also love to help others. So now you can imagine why there was more than 500 people running in this marathon. I really think it was a great initiative to organise this kind of event. Oh, and I forgot to mention that before the running marathon, we danced all together to the loud music. After the marathon there were some koncerts and zumba classes for everyone. Perfect!
I am really happy I took part in this, eventhough I have terrible pain in my legs. - Why? Hahaha, because I did not prepare for 6 km run, it was my spontanous decision and I gave as much as I could, and I promised myself - I am not gonna stop, even when I will not have energy anymore. Guess what! And I didn't. I finished the marathon, being very proud of myself and after that I went to work for the whole night. That is why my body is exhausted! But, hey - I am trying to be a Viking.
While running, I took a picture with my phone (because I was checking my time anyways) of our school. It is in the back of a girl in green, but I thought it would be a great connection between the marathon. Maybe one day UCN Students culd make one? :)


Anonymous said...

uau.I fried my head off this weekend.. But you know what? I really like how you are sincere, and in the same time you say about the danish culture. I saw this run, and I tough... "What a bunch of crazy people...". It was raining, and I had such a hangover.. but I«now I realse that it is not that weird to see lots of sport lovers. Kepp posting

Anonymous said...

Hahha. :) Great to hear that! Hope, next time you can join and be a part of this bunch of crazy people. Have a good week anonymous! :)

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