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On one of the ambassadors meetings, Dorit, International Internship Consultant, informed me that there is going to be a food hygiene course in our school. I was really excited when I found out about that, and of course wanted to try it out. I am the kind of person that loves to try everything new. 

What is the Food Hygiene Certificate then? Saying shortly - it is the full 3 day course (from 8:00 - 15:00) provided by AMU Nordjylland (they run the education for development of people to follow the market needs) and it is followed by an exam on the last day. If you pass the exam - you are going to get the certificate that is going to help you with finding work in any kind of restaurant, hotel, cafe or even cleaning company. the course is approved by the Danish Ministry of Children and Education in Denmark and every employee in the mentioned businesses is obligated to have this course. But personally, after spending 3 days on this 'food hygiene training' I think that every person schould have this certificate because we learned so many usefull information that we can implement them right now to make our life healthier.

the book provided in the course
Now I am going to embarrass myself - just before the course, I made a delicious tiramisu, adding 2 normal eggs. However on the day of the course I found out, the eggs should be pasteurized, because tiramisu is the cold cake. Of course if I would do that working in a cafe or restaurant and the eggs would contain salmonella, I would be guilty of the sickness of my guests. Thanks God I was the only one eating my tiramisu.. ;)

That is just one small example, but we had so many of them.. and besides the course itself you have possibility to meet new people and spend some good time. The classes are run by a lady, who worked as a chef in a restaurant in London, her name is Helle and she is really great! We had so many jokes and she run the classes in such a positive way that every information stays in your head - therefore you do not have any problem with passing the exam.

However, I am sure all of you are wondering, how much this 3 day course must cost. Well, UCN made a great cooperation with AMU and we, as students are obligated to pay only 180 DKK (which is around 20euro) and the school is paying the rest. The course itself is worth around 680 DKK. I think it is a great opportunity, if you are willing to find work here, especially for Service, hospitality and Tourism Management students. Hey, we need to start from a scratch, right?!

October's participants :)

The next course is on November 19th, but it is already fully booked, but you can still sign up for the one in march 2013 which will be from 3rd til 6th:) Contact Dorit Kjærulff Torp on this email address You should definetely try that, because remember that you never know when you are going to need that.. :)

- Aleksandra


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