Christmas Market

Dear UCN'ers

November is almost over.. I can't believe it! The time is passing by so fast..

Today I have ready for you Aalborg in pictures post because last time when I was in the city center I was surprised by the beauty of christmas in Aalborg. You can find the Christmas Market at Gammeltorv in the city center, and you can check the opening hours here.

I even went for a christmas wheel to see Aalborg from the top. It did not cost much - just 20 dkk and the ride goes 3 times up. I can really recommend it for you, especially when you have someone you love close to you.

Of course after going around the Chtistmas Market, trying different sausages, cheeses and bread -  it starts to get cold. My way to overcome it, is definetely a cup of warm coffee and a muffin in such a cozy place as Penny Lane. 

What is your way to enjoy christmas before actual christmas? Are you planning to get a ride on a christmas wheel?

Stay warm!

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Alice said...

Hi Aleksandra! Great post. loved it

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