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Dear UCN'ers!

Recentely I am getting lots of emails from you guys, about finding work in Aalborg. I also know that the video interview that I made with Adrian (available here), who is working as a bartender in Aalborg has caused controversy on facebook page. That is why I decided to create this blog post and tell you my opinion on that subject.

Honestely? Finding work in Aalborg is extremely hard! And that is, what every international student in Aalborg can tell you. Most propably you've also heared that if you really want this, you can do this. However we all know it is easy to say. So, as I am in Aalborg already 4 years and I will leave you with my tips on what has worked for me.

1. For now, I would really suggest you all, newcomers - Focus on what you came here for - and that definetely is the education. Everyone is making such a big "halo" on finding work in Aalborg, but in my opionion if you decide to take such a big step and come to a foreign country to study , you shall have some money ready for it aside. (At least that was the case for me..) Believe me that in september/october everyone is coming and everyone is going to look for work. Following the sheeps you will lose so much of your energy for finding work instead of studying.. Trust me, the situation just before christmas will be much better and then you may be a wolf :)

2. Spend time on your education at school and learning danish! Remember the blog post I made about danish for foreigners? You can find it here with explanation on every important aspect of it and interview with some of the students from UCN. Because, as I was writing, you as an international student, can learn danish totally for free (the government is paying for that) So use the opportunity people and spend the first 3 months in Denmark on getting to know the danish culture and language and I guarantee you - the Danes prefer to hire someone who is at least trying to integrate to their community!

3. I guess it is the easiest task for all of you so I am going to say it out loud - Socialise! Being honest here, networking helped me the most in finding most of my jobs in Aalborg.. and trust me, I had a lot of them here. As I was saying - through the first 3 months feel as a real student here - study, integrate and party! And you never know - maybe your friend is going away for the christmas holidays, and will leave the job for you?:) Maybe at your friend's work, they are looking for a new person and your friend will recommend you?:)

In my opinion, that are the 3 the most essential tips I can give you. I managed well (must say) following these. Hope you will as well. And remember! Be a student - you still have lots of time before you go to a real work:)

Good luck! :)


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