Summer holidays 2013

Dear UCN'ers 

It's july and we have holidays! Yaaay :) I am really happy about taking some time off to relax, doing nothing and simply enjoying the life, since in september I start a new chapter in my life. And let's be honest - we all need some excitment and journey in the summer break, don't we? :)

One of the aspects I love about studying in Denmark is the fact that you get to know people from all over the world and you make significant friendship that may last through whole your life. I may proudly say that because of UCN I bounded with two amazing girls that I can simply call my best friends. 

Unfortuanately as you all know, we all have different paths and goals in our lifes and we choose different destinations. Lady L. is  from 1 year living happily in Copenhagen, studying master's degree and working as a sales assistant, and Lady D. left Denmark nearly 2 years ago and is having a crazy life working as a restaurant manager in one of the best restaurants in London.  (Ps. the girls finished AP degree in Service, hospitality and tourism management in UCN)

However if something is strong, it never gets apart and that is why we were planning from over a year to finally meet as all 3 Charlie's Angels.

Surprisingly enough, the tickets are not that expensive at all to Copenhagen or London, but since it was hard for Lady D. to take vacation we took off to her. I managed to book the two-way tickets for 800 kr to Gatwick airport (from there you may take the bus that is taking you to the center of London for 220kr two ways and they are driving every 20min to the airport) I found this offer on norwegian, hunt and you'll find a good holidays! The planes are flying from Aalborg airport almost everywhere:) Since I've been already in London sightseeing, this time was spent just for relax with my girls and of course shopping, BUT you can only take 10kg handbag with you, but on the way back you can buy a suitcase (that is very cheap in e.g. primark) and buy a ticket for it in norwegian for 80kr. Of course if you have friends all over the world, that's even better - you dont need to pay for a hostel or a hotel. So once again guys - integrate and use your connections all over the world - you have the perfect opportunity for it here:) 

Lunch in the park

Like always- having fun
Having fun.. again!

We've done some damage to our wallets.. shopping!

Ladies <3
My holidays with the girls were amazing! I just wish to see them soon again, either in Aalborg, either in Copenhagen, either in New York one day!:) I am leaving you with some pictures and let me know where you are going for these holidays and what destinations can you recommend to fly out from Aalborg?:)



Anonymous said...

Made me smile from the bottom of my heart. Miss u ladie A. :)

Ria adam said...

i wish i could have visited these places too but anyway by reading your blog i almost visit all the places that you visit.

Agata said...

Victoria's Secret<3

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Brooke Higgins said...

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Maya Alexander said...

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