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Hej everyone!

As you already know (if not here is the link) I am enrolled at Aalborg University. However that does not change the fact that these trips are organised only there. It's somewhat a danish way of studying here:)  Study trip, in simple words - you, your classmates and the teacher are going to different countries or cities to visit various companies that are relevant to your study programme:) What's so special about it? Well, possibility to visit a company and analyse how is it working on a daily basis,  meeting high level representatives, and the frequently asked questions - how does it look like with internships in there:)

I remember on my internship in UCN we organised study trip to Copenhagen, where 1st year students visited companies such as DFDS, Hilton Hotels or Kilroy Travel among many others. At the same time, other programmes at UCN were going to London, Dubai or Miami! (I actually really regret I didn't go to the trip to Dubai last year, my classmates said it was amazing!)

This year though, I joined the stream that I am following to go to the study trip to Copenhagen. Ohh, if you ask me - it was amazing! All the visits at the companies are free of charge, however we needed to pay for our own transportation, accommodation and food. I, of course looked for the cheapest and fastest way, so 2 weeks before the trip I booked two-way flight tickets for 400 kr (about 50euro) and the trip took me only 45 min one way :) My other friends went with the train and one of them paid only 180kr two ways, however the trip was 5h one way... As you can see - it's always easy to find cheap solutions, when you are looking for them:)

As always - a bit long blog post, but now I am just going to leave you with a video from that trip and list of some places my specialisation visited:) Enjoy watching and let me know if it is also popular in your countries to go to study trips ? :)

Some of the places we visited and I liked the most: The Danish Institute for Human Rights, Equality and monitoring department, The Danish Centre against Human Trafficking :)

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