J-DAG - Christmas Beer back in town!


Why? Because there is a christmas beer released - today!

Every year in november it was always a huge surprise for me in Denmark, when I saw a fake snow, tracks bringing the beer to the town and lots of people with crazy hats on. If you haven't experienced that yet, you need to find out what's going on!

Ægir Julebrygg
As you all know, Danes love beer. And a wine, and a rum, but.. let's come back to the beer. As we students all know Tuborg brand, in Christmas time, 1980, they came up with an advert of their regular beer, however their commercial became so popular that in 1981 they decided to release their special Christmas Beer on the market. Until today - the beer is so popular that even though they sell it only 6 weeks in a year, it remains the fourth most sold beer in Denmark.

Nevertheless, for me there is something more to the story. Danes love Christmas (remember my earlier posts about it? Christmas traditions or Christmas Market) so.. every opportunity there is to remind them of this celebration - they're gonna use it!:) Nowadays the tradition became so big, that they celebrate it every first friday of november, every year:) Then, people are walking around in a city, with a Christmasy - blue or red - hats on, and they are waiting for the release of a Christmas Beer in the pubs at 20:59 ! :) And.. there is even a fake snow! Well, it's actually a strange foam.. ;) The city is crazy that time, but well.. that's how they like to think of a coming winter, they just like to parteeeyy!!!

And if you are wondering if the beer is really THAT different, well, for me it tastes more like a polish beer (called Strong in Poland, but we have it all year long) it is just stronger than the usual one, and a tuborg brand, sells it with a scent of liquorice and blackcurrant with a 5,6 % strength of alcohol. I personally really love it, however my boyfriend doesn't, so you need to try it for yourself, but remember - there are many brands that produce it nowadays, so you can find your own favourite!:)

But J-DAG? What the hell is that, you are thinking?:) Danish - english translation here :
Jul - Christmas, øl - beer, dag - day
There you go. That is why it is called J-dag - Christmas Brew day! :)

Julebryg taps

Hope you are going to have fun tonight in the city center! Check out Jomfru Ane Gade (if in Aalborg) no later than 20:59! Try the Danish Christmas Beer and tell me which one is your favourite! But remember - don't taste it before 21:00! Because you may lose your Christmas spirit.. ! ;)

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