Summer trip to Farup

Dear UCN'ers!

Nice to see you back:)

How did you enjoy your summer holidays? I guess you have great memories.. especially now, during this fall season! I want to share with you a part of my holidays, which  may be an inspiration for you all to prepare properely for the next ones?:)

In the end of september, me and my boyfriend decided to do something fun.. but well.. what to do here?! Well, he found two option - Billund Lego or Fårup Sommerland:) After counting the costs of transportation, tickets, dinner and excitment rate - we decided to go to Fårup.

As they describe themselves - it's the story about a dream and it's first Scandinavian Summerland, which was founded in 1975:) They have everything that you as a kid dreamed of - a huge Aqua Park and a land full of amazing and exciting rides. The place is so huge that eventhough the weather was perfect that day, we decided to split the events and spend one day just on the rides and another we come and be in aqua park (of course the weather didn't allow us to do so later on, unfortuanately.. ) But being all day on the rides was enough. We came back soooo tired after our adrenaline went up like crazy every time we were upsite down on the rollercoaster..

The ticket for the aqua park and all the rollercoasters (and  trust me you have so many to choose from) is 255kr and the ticket to Farup from Aalborg (bus terminal or Vesterbro) is around 120kr two ways. In the summer they have special buses going directely to Farup Sommerland every 15 min I think :) The only problem there is that the lines are HUGE!! So for every 'dangerous' and most 'excciting' rollercoaster you need to wait around 40min minimum. There are also other great attractions, but I would call it for the more relaxing experience.. ;)

So if you are a fan of a great adrenaline, as I am - you need to really go there and try this experience.. Here I prepared a  short video from this day, just capturing the park , without an 'aqua land' but, I am sure you can find some pictures on their website !:)

Make your plans already for the next summer, its gonna be amazing!:) And if you know any places I would enjoy, please let me know in the comments down below!:)

Aleks :)

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