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Hej Guys!

Long time no see. Sorry about that. Had so much on my head lately. 
I have some news for you all! As you all know I finished my experience with UCN in february 2013. From that time,until september I was working a bit, travelling a lot, and enjoying free time. However it all finished, and now I am super busy. 

I started my Master's degree in Aalborg University. I am studying Culture, Communication and Globalisation (Every time I say it, need to take a deep breath).

What can I say after one month there? Well, I am loving it! It is a lot different that in UCN I must say. So if you are planning on going there after UCN,  don't hestitate to ask me questions! :)

During the break - the view from the top. Usually I sit closer though..
After every month I have read so much that my head is just feeling bombared with all the information.. We have plenty of books, articles and research papers to read. And well, its not just reading.. you need to understand them.. And on master's level.. hmm it may be difficult sometimes. But - I manage it pretty well. (I hope so at least)

I must say, I am really happy that I took this one step higher and decided to take master's degree. And the saying "the more you know, "the more you know, the more you know you don't know" its very accurate here. 
Studying at home. Of course with sweets and a beer :) Don't judge!
And I know many people find practical experience more important than the theoretical one, hovewer nowadays, everyone has an AP or bachelor degree just like that, without really putting too much effort into it. (observing some of the people.. ) And more and more organisations are looking for the most skilled and qulified employees in the market. Having a master's degree is just this one step closer to gurantee yourself a bright future, especially for international students in Denmark. Therefore I really encourage you all to think more about that, because I know many students who have finished their education after 2 or 3 years here, and now are doing really nothing, and trust me - companies see that and if you have 1-2 years gap in your CV that may really affect the decision process of your employer..

Try to find your way to success, and maybe Master's degree will be very needed here, anyways what can I say is that I really recommend it! I hope you'll do that and you will all succeed in today's world market.

Well, thats just my opinion - if you have another one, please share it with us in the comments below :) 

Good luck with finding your way to success! :)



Natalia E. León said...

Hi Aleksandra!! I think it's great that you started a Masters degree! :) I am soon starting my thesis (which in science lasts for a whole year and it's 60ECTS) so I am very aware of the "the more you know..." ^^'
And I think it's true that a Masters can open more doors, professionally speaking, but I think people who get into one shouldn't do it just looking to have more options later, but because they really want to. I've never taken a Bachelor here, but in Spain it's also pretty easy to achieve (you can basically repeat the courses you fail until you do), but a Masters is a whole different story, in my opinion. You really need that extra motivation to pull through it (at least if you want to do it successfully).
Good post, as usual!


Aleksandra said...

Hej Natalia

Totally agree with you. The only thing that makes me crazy here, are the lazy people, who prefer after bachelor to stay home and depand on a state. You know what I mean? But you're right. Even though you try to show that higher education may be better than that, I can't change their motivation to really study..

Best, Aleks

Frederikke Sørensen said...

Hi Aleksandra

Do you have an email? I'm a Danish student and I would like to ask you a few questions about your impression of the Danes.


Aleksandra said...

Hej Frederikke,

Sure : - sorry for this unprofessional one, but something is wrong with my other account:)

Martin Blokša said...

Thanks for an open opinion... I totally agree!!! Who's more eastern than western must admit that point :D... is good to know that we still have people like you.. keep moving ;)

Aleksandra said...

Hej Martin!

Thanks for a great comment!:)

Sohaib Ahmed said...

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