Halloween Party in UCN

Hej Guys!!

This post is mostly for people who are not in Aalborg yet, or those of you who are not updated with all the events happening in Aalborg;)

If you ask me, I don't go out so often as I used to in the beginning of my studies, but I am always happy to hear that all the newcomers have the opportunity to participate in so many events. As you all know, one week ago there was Halloween in America. Well, turned out it also came to Denmark, UCN more specifically.

I am leaving you all with some of the pictures from this event. Here you have the full album! CLICK!

And Remember - no matter what parties are there - studies should be the priority.. ! ;)

Remember to join next year! And look creepy!

Keep calm and warm in this terrible weather!:)


Wedding venues said...

The set up from the wedding to dinner was seamless and well organized. The tables looked great and they followed our directions perfectly.

Kelveen louis said...

I attended what may have been the best halloween party nyc last year. The costumes were amazing, something straight out of a horror movie. They were so real I was really getting creeped out.

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