Black Lights Party!

 Are you enjoying thurstday's morning? 
-Today we don't have any classes, so I woke up at 11 and decided that first I am going to write you short review from Black Lights Party (as I promised), edit video with pictures for you and in the end I am going to study and then party!! hahha:)
At Black Light Party, I wasn't long time, but I managed to take some video shots and notice how people were having fun! It was really great to look at all happy faces painted with rainbow colours and dancing to the rythm of music. The party was organised by friends of mine from the same specialisation as me - congratulations Andrei and Viktor!! They found also many volounteers  who were serving drinks, painted bodies, took pictures, stood in wardrobe place and at the end, helped with cleaning. Big thanks to them as well! You could see that the party was from students - for students. 
I asked Viktor to write some words for you. Here you are :)
Parties FOR students BY students

"The whole idea behind the Traffic Lights and Black Lights Parties is to mingle UCN` international and Danish students by providing them with great atmosphere and extremely cheap drinks. I and my colleague have done the impossible in order to sell drinks at prices that even the students who do not have a job can afford.

The theme of each party is based on Experienced Economy concept, meaning that we have implemented successfully some of the theories taught by UCN`s teachers during our studies in Denmark. We are trying to differ from any ordinary student party by investing a lot of efforts and money into our parties. We could manage to do that because UCN kindly offered sponsorship for both of the parties and Aalborg University`s non-profit organization - I-Life, helped by promoting our events. It was not easy task but the result was that at the Traffic lights party we have got nearly 650 students and during the Black Lights party around 530. Therefore we have organized some of the largest parties for international students for the past 5 years in Aalborg` region.
Both of the parties were so successful because of our different approach. We are providing the students with everything they need, meaning that they don’t have to invest into special costumes, paint or accessories. Pictures and videos from both parties are available at our Facebook page:  HERE"
I made a video as well, you can check it out and write me what do you think!

Hugs, Aleks
PS. If you have any questions,just write me !! :)

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