Skagen School Trip

Hello Everyone!

Hope you have enjoyed the weekend!

- Mine was really nice, but yesterday when my friends came to visit, we were enjoying quite a lot the view outside the window. It is end of april right now, and it was raining a lot.. Even with some snow and hail. Welcome to Denmark!
Harbour Skagen

Today I would like to give you a little update about my studies. Since most of you already know - I am studying International Hospitality Management, and 2 weeks ago we started our last course in the bachelor year - Strategy. We are now developing strategy for a company I already mentioned in THIS POST - called Danhostel, with  95 hostels around whole Denmark.

We are about to read 740 pages in the "Exploring Strategy" book in a month. Meantime we should work in a groups to present the strategy for the owners of the company AND write our individual projects, to show how to put theory into real life example - Danhostel Organisation.
That is why, our teachers are taking us to a different Danhostels, so we can ask managers of the company many questions in order to gather information and develop a new strategy for the whole organisation.

This friday we went to Skagen - city in the northmost point in Denmark. It is really beautiful, and for those, who haven't been yet in a Danish seaside - it was a treasure.

We could talk to a Danhostel Skagen representative, who told us his history of buying the company, his vision of the development and we got to know what kind of customers are coming to this part of Denmark. After his hospitality with coffee and cupcakes we went to a harbour to grab a lunch. I actually went to a bar, because I wasn't so hungry. It was around 11am and the bar was full - of people and beers. I really felt the atmosphere of the city, through small talks to local people, drinking a beer and enjoying the harbour view. - it was really amazing. 
After that we went for a small trip around Skagen, with a lady from tourist office who was giving us some small curiosities about the city.

Me and my friend Ausra at Grenen

It was my second time when I was in Skagen but the city amazed me once again. Thank you UCN for oranising this small trips for us, where we can do our research and enjoy Denmark a bit. I really recommend you guys going there! It's a spectacular place where the two parts of the North Sea meet. It's really beautiful and you can experience being at the northernmost place in Denmark - Grenen :)

I am leaving you with a short video, filmed from my shaking hand, but I decided to use it for you, so you can see a bit what we did :) Enjoy and stay  tunned til the next post about.. Black Lights Party!!

xoxo, Aleks