What Can You Do in Denmark When You Are Bored.. :)

What Can You Do in Denmark When You Are Bored.. :)
Hi Clever People!!
Do you already feel the summer?! Today when I was finished with school and work, I knew I have to come home and study, but when I felt the warm wind, sun shining onto my face, I just couldn't help myself and eventhough it was already 17:30, I packed blanket, pinouts, beers and I went with my boyfriend to the park. It was really nice! But write me how was your evening and what do you do when it's so warm!

Few days ago I had a discussion with one of the teachers in my school and she told me, that the student are complaining a lot, that sometimes they feel bored in Aalborg, so they just sit home and watch tv shows on their laptops. When I heared that, I decided to make a new series in my blog about fun and interesting activities that you can find here. Some may be for free and for some you have to pay,  but it's worth trying at least!

As I am a member of one organisation that provides young people with discounts to some activities, on last sunday I was trying aero gliding. I know it does not say you much, so - gliding is a recreational sport activity in which pilots use different sources of lift to climb into the air and fly with avarage speed of 80km/h. The plane has two seats and the club that I went to, uses winch launching which is a stationary, ground-base method on a very heavy vehicle with the strong engine that takes the plane in the air in 3 sec. - Amazing!

I was there the whole sunday, from 9:00 til 18:00 - we were a group of 5 people and we got to know some members of the club  and the natural resources that they use. I know now a lot about sailplanes, how they go up to the air, how to repair engine and how nice it is to be all day in the nature, waiting for your flights, and work in a team. 

The club that I was in, is called Aviator and their location is close to Aars and this is their website. The clob consist of 50 members but if you are interested to become a pilot and fly to Slovakia for example for the biggest competition in gliding, I know that they have discounts for students. It cost monthly around 700 DKK and you can fly how much you want on wednsdays after 16:00, saturdays and sundays after 9:00. The experiences club members with license will teach you everything from the basis and one day you will fly all by yourself! I think it is an amazing experience and great inside into some danish culture and social life. - Really worth recommending!

Therefore I made (obviously) a short video for you to show you a bit how it is there:) I am also leaving you with some pictures:) 

For those who are in Aalborg and love going to the restaurants, trying new meals, I can recommend you a 30-50% discount card for 180 restaurants. All you have to do is register Here :) Good luck!

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