Books - "Do I really need them?"

Hi! Hope you have a great sunday! In Aalborg it is really sunny and bright. I was already out, taking a long walk with my spring sunglasses.
Some of my books needed to school
Some of you are writing me emails that they got accepted to UCN and they are wondering if they should buy the books. By the way - congratulations to all of you who already got the acceptance letters:)
On every specialisation you are gettingg list of books that you should have and read for every lecture. In Hospitality Industry we had to buy around 5 books in the first year. I was also thinking if it is worth to buy it, since the books may be very expensive. So what our class did - we scanned them. All of us had it on the computer - but let's be honest here - it is really difficult to seat in front of the computer and start reading. I am the old school person who actually likes to touch the book, have it in my hands and highlight all the important things. 
In the beginning of the semester my friend did not buy the book - she copied it. What was the funny part - coping was worth almost the same amount of money what the book price.
My studying for the exam - I prefer it on the floor :)
Some of you also asked me, if we are really using the books in the classes. The truth is - no.
BUT - The teacher is using power point presentations, also talking and explaining a lot and he is taking the most important informations from the books that we are supposed to read. After all when it comes to exam - you have just your own notes and some of it from power point presenations, and when the teacher is asking you some extra question - something that you were supposed to read on your own - you know nothing and you do not have a book with you so you can not even find it anywhere.
What we are doing on oral exams - we are allowed to have our books with us (it gives extra plus - because teacher sees that we put effort in our studies) but if you didn't even read the book - we do not know where to look for a specific theory. And then we are burned.
Sometimes when you have exam after 2 months or so, you do not remember so well what was this bullet point in the presentation about. Therefore it is great to read everything before your performance because you can memorise it better and you can also find out new things, more explained.

 We are also getting from the teachers many extra articles that extend our knoweledge and also are giving us real life examples, what does it mean - how we can implement theory that we have read in our books to a real companies. This one I organise in my small pinky binders that you can buy in local shops like Tiger for just 10 DKK. This articles you can always have on your computer or printed - like I do because it's a material that you should also be familiar with for the exam. But the books - you should have your own ones because it's an investement forever - you can have it always on your bookshelf and take it whenever it's needed.

I know that the english books sold in Denmark are expensive ( vary between 300 to 600 DKK) but guys - it's an education and we should take it seriously. When deciding for studying in Denmark you should have taken into consideration fact that you need books as well.
In every UCN school you can find a book store and you can buy the books there. 
What I do - I go to, I look for the book I need, I compare prices and if the book is cheaper even with the shipment to Denmark than in danish book store, I buy it there. Just a little tip for you :)

Guys, Thank you for reading, hope it was helpful for you. Have a great week! I am leaving you with some of my pictures, taken just for you!:)


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Everybody have to love this blog! :)

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Hahhaha I also think so :D :)))

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yep. So far, this practical info has been just great! Bravo Aleks

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