Healthy water in Denmark?

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Last week we had 3 days free of school + the weekend, so I thought I would make a surprise for my parents and me and my boyfriend, went to Poland. It was an amazing trip because I haven't seen my family from Christmas Holidays and they did not expect anything but they were very happy to see us both.
While being there and eating amazing polish food, I asked everyone if they want something to drink. 
As I am in Denmark I do not buy any sodas or juices here, because it's 3 times more expensive than in Poland, so I got used to drinking water. 
So, I started pouring some water from the tap to the 1st glass and I was amazed how the water was dirty. Of course it was not yellow or brown but it had so many white pieces of I have no idea what and it started to get so heavy, kind of. 

Then my mother told me that you can't drink the water from the tap because it has lots of bacteries. I totally forgot about that, in Denmark I am drinking at least 1 l of water from the tap every day. The water here is clear as the air, nothing really is swimming there. Sanitation coverege of a public water in Denmark is 100% and comes entirely from ground water. Tap water in Denmark is one of the safest in the world. You can feel free and drink it without any concerns about your health.

You can say that it's a way to save some money but you should also remember that the water in Denmark is the most expensive in the world. Water in Denmark costs 6,70$ per cubic meter, where in Mexico it's 0,50 cents/cubic meter. It is because the price includes cleaning and disposing the water.
That has led danish consumers to save a water a lot, also me. Earlier when I did not know that the water here is the most expensive in the world I was taking hot shower 40 minutes every day, doing laundry very often and I was very surprised when my bills were coming so high! GUYS! I wrote this post to aware you all, that Denmark is a very expensive country when it comes to rent apartment, bills for electricity, internet and water. Be aware that how much you use - this is how much you will pay.

Also one small tip for you. If you are going around Denmark in a hot day, you can ask in the restaurants for a tap water and you will not pay for it. It is obligatory in Denmark that when you ask for a water from a menu, they have to bring it to you with a fresh lemon and ice cubes. Then you can pay for it.
Hope you enjoyed this water - informative blog post.
Talk to you soon!


The masterchef said...

I really start enjoying this blog! This girl has some nice ideas

MaCz said...

Hi Aleks, so what is better? Drinking of water or juices and sodas? Thanks

Aleksandra Goisnka said...

Hello MaCZ

I would say water from the tap, because you are using it anyway, even when you are taking shower and for the cheapest juice here (1 l) you pay around 12 DKK. And from water you can always make a tea or lemonade :)


Verna Griffin said...

This is quite a good read! I think a person wouldn’t mind paying a relatively higher water bill, if they are assured to have safe drinking water right from the tap. I hope other countries use Denmark as a model when it comes to water filtration system. That way, the people don’t have to worry about the quality of their tap water. Thanks for sharing!

Verna Griffin @ Axeon Water Technologies

Ethan Hunt said...

Det bliver mere og mere in at meditere på arbejdspladser og skoler.

Ethan Hunt said...

Det bliver mere og mere in at meditere på arbejdspladser og skoler.

Dr. Steve Feterik said...

Hello. We recently moved to Aalborg and I believed that the tap water is really safe and good quality. However after making few times tea or even cooking soup, we discovered that the water has extremely high levels of calcium
and other stone forming minerals. Simply said, its very hard and you can see that after boiling the water and the left stone debris. Can you say something about that??

Steve Berke said...

I enjoyed reading your article :) PLease continue publishing helpful topics like this. Regards, from CWR, a company whose into selling
VOC filter.

I think this How to remove Fluoride from water will fully complement your article.

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