Sommer Bio Aalborg

Sommer Bio Aalborg - Summer Cinema Aalborg:)

Hello! Today another post about activities in Aalborg:) 
I found out about this event on facebook - got the invitation from a friend, but I did not expect so many people there! The event was really amazing - I am talking here about Summer Cinema on the grass:) You can read more about that HERE . TV2 is organising this for young people in 6 big cities in Denmark. You can see how it all lokks like in the video, because pesronally I was really surprised - of course positevely.
The place was just in the middle of the small forest , what gace the feeling of the unkown but also safety - because the place was brightened up by a big ballon-lamp with "Sommer Bio" title:)
Yesterday we were all watching the movie called 50/50 which was about young man who had cancer. All the people got very emotional and, at the end of the movie, we were all giving a loud applause.
Today there is going to be played "Mission Impossible 3", so if you do not plan to do anything for tonight, go and see, because it is really worth it!! :)

Before the movie, ladies in yellow clothes were giving snacks for free, and you could go and get Mokai as well, without any payment. For popcorn and beers you need to pay yourself, but it is not a problem if you will bring your own.

As you can see - even the weather is not so summer'y, but you can always find in Aalborg some activities to please yourself :) Notice in the video that when I was going with the bicykle to the park - it was 21:50 and it was still so bright! :) This post gives me a reflection of a hygge feeling - the phenomenon I was writing in THIS post. The scene was so big, and we were all seperately but you could enjoy this common and hyggeligt feeling:) Hope I will see you there tonight!!:)


Hi everyone

Today very different blog post than usual. Actually I would call it - vlog post.
One month ago, I got an email from one girl, asking if I could write what I am doing during my free day in Aalborg, some kind of a diary. I thought : why not. Taking into consideration fact that it is already summer and I really needed to go to IKEA (shopping therapy) I got my camera with me to show you, how it all looks like in Denmark. Today it was just a shopping video, but if you want to see more of these kind of posts, let me know! I will try to film eg. 'my way to school' or 'dormitory tour'

I am leaving you then, with this long (4minutes!) video, hope you enjoy!!:)
Click "HD" to watch in a better quality!

UCN Sport Cup

Hi Everyone!
Today just a little update. Do you remember the blog post about health agents? I was mentioning there about sport activities that the school is organising for all the students. Luckily I had the possibility to interview Lars Olsen - Student Counsellor and International coordinator, my aim was to find out, why the school is doing something like that. Unfortuanately you need to watch that with your headphones because the sound is very low from 24th sec. of watching, but it comes back to normal after 20 seconds. I will write that part for you here :
"In the summer, it's around, let me see, around 800 - 900 people who are doing sport, in the winter is around 600. Winter cup is not that big as in the summer,also because the winter cup has started 3 years ago, but it will grow, will be bigger and bigger" - Lars Olsen

As I was mentioning - I love UCN Sport Cups a lot, becuase it is something that not every school is organising, something unique that connects people together.That day Danes and international students play sports and get to know each other. Also for people who do not like team activities,there is possibility to take part in dancing classes / aerobic or joga! I know from Lars, that this year (september 14th) they plan to introduce to us new disciplines and for sure there are going to be more individual activities.

I guess that from the video below you can see everything and it does not need any explanations - so I leave you with that and wish you a great weekend!

Enjoy watching and let me know in the comments beloww what you think and what would you like to know more before coming to Denmark!


Danish Hygge

I hope you had a really nice weekend! 
I do not know how it is in your countries right now, but in Denmark the weather can be very depressing these days.. Today, the sun was shining very nicely, so I decided to go to the city center, suddenly a BIG (I am telling you, BIG!) rain cought me and my new, summer dress became all wet, and the funniest part - when I got home, the sun was up again,without any rain.

Today, I would like to write about something that is strongly underlying in a danish culture. When I came to Denmark I had no idea it is such an important phenomenon and you can hear it endlessly, applied to many environments. Here I mean "Hygge", (pronounced as hewge) the word is very hard to describe and translete in any other languages, but can be easily illustrated in examples from a real life.

I thought it could be essential for you to know, when you are new in Denmark and plan to make new friends, Hygge may be helpful, since it is a fundation to the happy life of every Dane. 
It is told, that Hygge appeared during the grey and cold days, when  Scandinavians gathered around the fire place, drinking warm wine - nowadays it happens also in the winter time, especially during Christmas. But! Remember the film that I made about summer in Denmark?  It can also emerge as a Summer hygge :)

Yesterday I felt it very strongly, when one danish friend, visited me and my boyfriend. Hygge feeling, happens when you spend a good time with people that you care about the most. You appreciate every single moment and you forget about everything that could bother you. The atmosphere is very relaxing, without any false feelings. If I would have to find synonims to Hygge it would be - love, true friendship, coziness, warmth, although everyone can feel it differentely. 
For me it is the time when me and my bofriend are home, I light many candles, open a good, portugeese wine, cook a delicious dinner and after that, read a good book. Also it is the time like yesterday, spontanous visit by a friend and a long conversation just with a glass of water and small box of chocolate.

Here is a video for you what a true Danes think of hygge!:) Hope you enjoy!

Of course you can say, that it happens everywhere in the world, gathering the family together, to enjoy a good dinner for example, but I must tell you - it does not happen everywhere that it is so much appreciated. Danes get it very seriously and directely into their hearts, so try to do everything to make yourself comfortable here and get the Hygge feeling, every time when you are with the closest ones. :) 
I am attaching the article about hygge on Visit Denmark  and as alawys - let me know what you think of this phenomenon. :)

CPR Number - Without it - you are lost in Denmark

Starting from a pharmacy, going through libraries and ending up in learning a language in Denmark. You need it almost for everything while studying in Aalborg. 

Many of you is asking me, if you can come to Denmark before the school starts. The truth is - of course you can, BUT you need to remember that during the first 5 days of your stay, you should go to the local civil registration office to ask for a CPR number. CPR, mainly known as a 'yellow card' is your 'MUST HAVE' personal identification number in Denmark. Everyone hava it, everyone use it. But in order to get it you need to have a residance permit - if you are coming to Denmark as an UCN student - you have it guranteed in the beginning of the school year - but now? I am not sure about it since the school is on vacation, so it will take lots of gymnastics to get the card earlier.

In Aalborg - you need to go to BorgerServiceCenter (Rantzausgade 6, 9000 Aalborg) it is the side street of the city center. Remember to take with you as much documents as you have - it is better to have more than less. But the most important is a passport or the ID card.
Sample card :)
If you would like to have a work in Denmark - you need to have a CPR number - what goes with that - having work - you need to have a danish bank account - to that you also need a CPR number. You need a card also for smaller things - like taking books from school or a city library or printing/copying/scanning documents at UCN or applying for any scholarship. You will also need the card to learn danish for free in the Sprogcenter or working out in the gym - very famous here - fitness world. But what is the most important - you have your insurance on this card - so it means that when you go to the doctor or to the hospital - you do not have to pay for the visit so I recommend you not to lose it!!:) 

Remember to always have your card with you! You never know when you will need it again!

Guys! That is it for today. I am sorry I had a little break from writing. Sometimes you need to take a vacation  to come back with the fresh brain! Let me know what you are doing in your summer holidays and if you are preparing already to come to Denmark :) 
See you soon!!